Friday, 10 February 2012

Welcome to Sams Stuff Software

Welcome one and all.
In April I started adding some live wallpapers to the android market.
I will be using this blog as a place to ask questions, tell you about any updates and new apps or live wallpapers I'll be making and adding.
I decided to set this as a blog support and update site instead as it will be a lot easier to keep tract of and answer any comments asked.
I hope everyone will enjoy the new artwork I'll be adding to the the live wallpapers.
I added sections for support and ideas for user input.
I also added a site map to make it easier to navigate through, as most know who ever used a blog before, navigation is not the friendliest in a blog, for this reason I added a site map to make it easier for everyone.
It took me months but I finally came up with a logo for my apps, I used my sir tux from the wallpaper I made (linux pick it up) and also the live wallpaper I turned the wallpaper into (linus vs windows).
Since I am strictly a linux user it seemed only fitting, also android uses a linux kernel.
Also the live wallapper I made for this logo is the only one with no ads or monetized.
(my tiny contribution to the linux community).

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