Monday, 9 July 2012

Live Wallpapers 2

I am splitting this section up in two and if need be maybe more in the future.

One more steampunk gears live wallpaper.
This one might be my last one for steampunk gears, I think I am wearing this one out, but for some reason I just love making them.
This one I decided to try something new and make a digital clock out of old tv test tubes and it turned out kind of nice.
Here is some images

Here is a description of the steampunk time live wallpaper

Steampunk Time Live Wallpaper: Steampunk gears with a test tube digital clock

This steampunk gears lwp shows the following battery stats
health, status, voltage, temperature and level.
They all also come with warning red lights to show you which one is out.
example: battery temperature too hot sets off the left arrow pointing you to where the problem is and a red light will be over the troubled area.
Another example would be the battery level getting low the two red lights pointing down to the centre gear will light up as well as a red glow in the gear letting you know to recharge your battery.
I added an old steam punk clock that I made with test tubes

I added a leather looking style at the bottom with gears and the steampunk in an old style font to give it some flair to go with steampunk themes you might have.

This is not a movie!
You have you choice in the following:

✔ Speed of gears
✔ Colour of fonts
✔ FPS to save battery life
✔ Temperature in Celsius or Fahrenheit

If you have any issues or suggestions please email or add a message on the support site
Thank you

This one was just  Awarded with "5 stars Reviewers' choice!"

Reviewers Choice. Steampunk Time Live Wallpaper for Android

You can get it at the google play market or click on the link below.

Get it on Google Play


Lightning Live Wallpaper With Clock


Lightning Live Wallpaper With Clock and Date as blimps and a plane flies by.

A lightning storm with rain.
This one comes with a digital clock that you can change the colour and alpha state so you can have it as transparent as you like, just in case you don't want it to show as much, or make it not show at all and just have the lightning storm itself show.
You also have the choice to have it in colour or in grey scale (black and white) to give it an old feel to it.
I left the time and date in colour in case you want to the storm in black and white but keep the time in colour, to make the time and date in grey scale just choose a grey hue in the colour chart.
I added an old bi-plane and two blimps, you can set the height of each and the visibility of each
I thought it might be a nice option to keep the time and date separate from the background this way.
This is for those who like stormy weather or even for those storm chasers (I am one at heart) and love thunder storms.
I would of added a tornado but it would of been to much with what is already added in this one, maybe I'll make a tornado in a separate one, but not unless I can get it to look real.
So that is another project for another day.

This Lightning LWP is not a movie!
You have you choice in the following:

✔ Speed of lightning flashes
✔ Frames per second choice
✔ Time and date colour
✔ Show or hide time and date
✔ Show or hide rain
✔ Show or hide plane and blimps
✔ Height of plane and blimps
✔ Colour or grey scale

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Area 51 Live Wallpaper.

Area 51 Live Wallpaper

Time: shows the time in digital format
Date: shows the date: weekday, month, day, am or pm
Battery status, Battery health, Battery voltage
Battery level, Battery temperature, Battery technology

security checks 8 points on area 51 runway
5 security camera levels show scenes of area 51 and surrounding area
warning lights:
when door is open
battery voltage to high
battery temperature to high
battery level too low

4 security orbs float around.

Have you ever wanted to see what is in area 51?
Now you can in the pro version only.
see an alien on a toilet while his mate takes a bath with a gas mask.
the cloning floor, the hangar, and the alien arcade.

This is not a movie

preferences you can choose in the pro version:

✔ Choose colour of font and alpha
✔ Frames per second choice
✔ Battery Temperature Celsius or Fahrenheit choice
✔ Doors open or closed
✔ Choose how many security balls float around
✔ Choose what floor will be shown when door is open

If you have any issues or suggestions feel free to email me or leave a message on the developers site.
Thank you.

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