Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Clocks Clocks and more Clocks

Just to let everyone know whats been going on.
I decided to take a break from live wallpapers for a little bit and try something different.
I am making a few series of clocks, thought I would see how creative I can get with three pieces of artwork (one for the dial, (or the clock face) one for the hour hand and one for the minute hand.
Although it doesn't seem like a lot of artwork (only three pieces per clock and the resizing for 3 sizes each) depending on the detail involved it can become a bit time consuming, (to give you an idea, one clock took me over 8 hours straight, just for the artwork).
The main reason I decided to do clocks for a bit was to take a break from programming and just do some plain artwork for once with hardly any coding involved. (I made a template for all my clocks so the code would already be finished, it's just a matter of renaming some files and dropping in the artwork) a practise I love doing since it cuts down on a lot of time.
It does pose quite the challenge also of just how creative I can get with just 3 pieces of artwork and try and not make them all look the same but all different.
just to show what goes into making one in case anyone is wondering here's a screen of one in gimpers I worked on for the steampunk collection.

I think this one had like 80 to 90 layers to make it.
Glad gimp finally added layer folders or it would be a total mess trying to keep up with all the layers, some can take as much as 200 layers if not more, very easily.
In case anyone else was thinking of making some clocks, I found keeping the biggest size (250) big enough, I started of making them at 512 x 512 for the icon sake but when shrinking them to 180 or 110 it can loose some details that come out crisper by starting the artwork off at 250.
Also when you resize it down, use the original for each one, resizing an already resized image can blur it a bit and it won't come out as crisp.
The steampunk collection has 10 now. That makes 30 in total with 3 sizes for each of the ten. (2x2) (3x3) and (4x4).
I am going to try and make at least 10 for each of the series I am making.
I'm just a bit worried of going over ten for each one because of the file size download.
I am trying to keep it small (right now for 10 clocks it's about 3 1/2 MB) and takes up quite a bit of rows in the widget scroller (30 in total) but I also wanted to give enough choices and different designs to make as many happy as possible :) without hopefully going over board, I seen one person had I think it was 90 or 70 clocks in one download, that to me might be too much, I don't have time to scroll through that many to find one I might like, but some might love it, so who'se to say, each to there own.
So if I get some insight from anyone about the number of clocks in one download folks would like to see and have that would be great.
Maybe 10 is enough, finding that right number without going overboard is usually up to the people who use it, not the developer and artist.
I am currently working on the metal clocks now that I have 10 steampunk ones finished, i have one up for sale (they will all be .99 canadian for how every many I add in them, I am aiming for 10 in each) I am from canada eh.
I have another one finished (all chrome) and am currently working on a dark metal one, here's a glimspe.

This is just the face and it's not finished yet, I still have to add the hands to it. Each dot is a second. This one is a bit challenging, to come up with different variations of metal clocks. I have the one that's one the market right now, the greyish dull finished one (these will be added to that one to make it a collection also for the same price).
I start two other series of clocks also, but have to think more on those but more will be added to them also, to hit the 10 mark for each collection.
I was tempted to keep going with the steampunk ones, but had to pull myself away from it to get these done. As everyone probably knows by now I love making steampunk designs. Just something about old cogs and vintage machinery.
I am thinking about adding some old rust and grunge style to the metal clocks as well, not totally steampunk but keeping in the metal theme :).
The one above has some textures I created (scratch metal and see through grid) I made of bunch of textures for this series so hopefully they will look good. The one above has a scratched metal texture I made that I alpha-ed out to about 20% so most of the black backing comes through to keep it as dark as possible.
What's in the future?
Well I have about 80 to 100 ideas written down for more live wallpapers, ya my brain thinks too much lol, but I am also currently reworking a code and rewritting it from the ground up, I am switching all new live wallpapers to opengl, so I want to come up with one that will work (hopefully) on all phones and tablets from android 2.1 and up.
Once I have the new code written the way I want it to be, I'll start working on live wallpapers again, plus I needed a break from them, and yes a new steampunk blimp is in the works for that new code, I got a few new ideas for a new one instead of re-writing the old one I am going to try and make a new one from the ground up, better graphics and hopefully to make the whole thing better all the way around so it will be different then the original but hopefully better.
I want to get into making some games also, and of course I have to start off with a tic tac toe game first. Reason being, tic tac toe was the first thing I ever programmed on a computer longggggggg ago. It was on an old commodore 64, ya I am that old lol.
I wrote it in C back then and was quite proud of my first programming experience, so instead of the normal "Hello World" it's going to be a tic tac toe game instead for me.
Hopefully it'll turn out good enough for the market, I have a few different ideals to make it more interesting (not much you can do with a tic tac toe game but hopefully my ideals will make it more appealing.
I also have another game I am working on, but that one will take me a bit of time to create as it has a lot involved in it and a lot of art and animation I have to create for it and a ton of coding, usually game makers have a team, I am but one person so it'll take me a bit, but hopeully everyone will enjoy it.
I'll let out what it is as it gets closer to release.
I might also add some more lights to the lights app I put out if I can find some time to get at it in between all the other things I got going on, I am still thinking of more to put in it to bring it up to 20 different lights, right now it has 10 and my sprite sheet is almost full that I have all the artwork on, I can't make it too big or it will start crashing and force closing on phones which is what I want to avoid, and to keep the download memory down to a minimum. So I am thinking of lights I can create out of code instead for more.
I also started a fingerprint scanner just for fun, all the artwork is finished for that one, I just have to code it and get it up after all the clocks are done. I wanted to make one to see if I can fool anyone I know with it.
So that's about it, work work and more work, but it's an enjoyable work.

Just to keep everyone updated, I just completed the collection of 10 Metal Clocks.
The Galaxy Clocks are now a complete set of 10 clocks.
The Christian clocks are now finished also (set of 10)
I am currently working on a collection of neon clocks, since people usually like these in a certain color to go with their themes I am going to make three different versions of these one.
Each collection will have the normal 10 clocks in 3 sizes but I am going to make three colors (blue, green and pink) all in neon.
These will be separate from each other, so someone who wants only blue doesn't have to have an extra 60 clocks that they have no use for sitting in their widget list, this leaves only one color they want in their instead.
Plus if I added all three colors in one file, it would be a rather large download which is what I am trying not to do.
So the neons will really only be one collection but in three colors and sold separately for each color collection.
This to me makes more sense.
I know I would rather only have what I wanted and not a bunch of extra stuff lining up my widget list.
So if you want blue you will get a collection of 10 clocks in blue neon only.
I am on my seventh clock as I type this so hopefully it will be up soon, I still have to go through all the artwork and change the colors to either green or pink (since I am making the blue ones first).
Blue, Green and Pink neons are now finished.
Vintage ones are finished, I wanted to make a set of antique vintage looking ones, so they are done.
Next set and it might be the last clock sets for awhile, (mainly because I really can't think of any more right now and besides that I need a break from clocks) I am making a set of experimental clock designs, I just don't really know what to put them under as far as a name goes yet, maybe it'll come to me as the collection goes one, one idea was stone and metal or industrial or whatever, just not sure yet lol.
Here is a look into the first framing I am making. I am not planning these ahead of time, I am just doing them without really thinking of what I am doing, I am just starting and going from there and see where it leads to.

The only thought I am having doing these are colors and thats about it. This one will be blues and grays obviously, maybe some yellow/orange/red lined somewhere I'll see how it looks.
Hmm maybe sci-fi clocks if they all wind up looking this way.
I'll post it when there done.
Well this one is complete now and the only name we could come up with was Fantasy Clocks, so that is what they are called.