Friday, 27 December 2013

SolydXK Linux Operating System

Just thought I would drop a note on a new OS I tired out and am going to stay with now.
SolydXK is a great rolling release that came out of Linux Mint when it stopped supporting the rolling debian release of xfce and KDE.
It is easy to install and comes with all the toys needed, including Steam pre-installed for all you gamers.
What is a rolling release you may ask:
It means you only install it once, unlike all non-rolling releases, where you have to upgrade (which can cause errors) or re-install with every new version that comes out.
This solves the headache of constantly doing re-installs all the time.
Where some distro's on rolling releases do updates maybe once every 6 or so months, solydXK does an update once a month to keep you up to date constantly and this way it takes less time to update and less if any breakages at all.
For you window users who never used linux before, it comes in two flavors
XFCE: a simplier less cpu taxing system, more basic and great for those who just want to get the job done without all the bells and whistles.
KDE: this version comes with all the bells and whistles, there are tons of settings, so you can pretty much set up your desktop the way you want it to, including live wallpapers or dream desktop animations as your wallpaper if you want that or just use a normal wallpaper.
The forum has a great community that will help you with any questions you might have or any troubles you may encounter.
It also somes with a business edition for anyone that runs a business with all the business software pre-installed.
Again the main bonus is it's rolling release debian version base.
You can check it out at:
Or visit the forum and ask some questions you might have at:

I'll leave you with some videos made by the community to show you solydxk in action.

Friday, 20 September 2013

Games Coming

Games Coming

Just to keep everyone updated on whats been going lately.
I am working on some games, I haven't disappeared, just busy creating them and coming up with ones that will be exciting and interesting for everyone.
I will post them here once I get them finished.
The first one will be a shooting gallery one with unlimited levels and 8 different environments, sort of a mix between whack a mole and a shooting gallery.
I have a lot more in the works (including hopefully some hidden object ones, or at least one of them, with zoom capability of course).
Back to work on the first one :)

Friday, 31 May 2013

Privacy Policy

Data that is stored on the sd card or phone is for settings for the game or app only.
This is information on what level your on, your score/high scores,  etc, no personal information is stored for in game settings, just the game or app settings themselves.
Apps or games that use ad mob can view ad mobs privacy policy here:
That explains how information is collected and utilized by AdMob Google Inc.

Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Android Trivia Games

I decided to make some trivia games for fun.
I finished the first one named Who Am I History.
I got the idea for these from going to the movies, they used to show a trivia game before the movie would start, where the celebrity image was covered with blocks that would disappear as time goes by, revealing the celebrity image below them. They also gave clues while this was happening to help you guess who it was. I always found this a great time waster while waiting for the movie to start.
So I decided to make my own version for android.
I plan on making a few of these as time goes by with different topics.

Here is the first one

Who Am I History

Who Am I History
A history trivia game.
You have to guess who is in the image.
You have a choice of four different people.
Object of the game is to guess who the image is before time runs out.
The quicker you guess the more points you earn.
If you earn more points you move up levels.
Each level assigns a status name to you.
Each level gets less time to guess and less points to earn making it more difficult to move to higher levels.
The boxes disappear as time ticks down revealing the image.
Clues appear to help you out.
Clues get less in higher levels.
Beat the high scores and improve your own.
There are 11 levels to reach.
A great trivia who am I game for history lovers.
100 different people to guess.
See how well you know your history and the people who made changes or are important in history.
A great brain teaser and puzzle for the whole family.

I made a couple more, here is Criminal Trivia, you have to guess who the famous criminal is.

here is some screenshots

The next one is a celebrity trivia game, same rule applies as above, this one has more images as there are a lot more celebrities to choose from.

Some screenshots

Linux Mint now has html5 coming for the new mdm.
This got my curiosity  up since I like making things that move around a screen, so I decided to make some animated mdm themes for the Linux Mint new mdm.
You can check out all the themes I made here:

Now to get this working on your Linux Mint machine there is instructions and a download to install and how to get it up and running go here:

There is also a thread on the Linux Mint Forum to keep you updated on more themes and updates and just general new mdm stuff here:

This is a fascinating new twist on the mdm login screen allowing us to make pretty much anything that can be created in html5 for the login screen.
Another great move for linux mint.

Saturday, 12 January 2013

Fun Apps

Well I decided to ad a section for all the fun apps I made and seem to keep on making in my spare time.
These are made when I get ideas in between other projects, Lights is one of them but it actually can have some real world purposes, which is why I added it in another section.

I'll leave out the sound boards as sound boards are really only sounds boards, I made two of theme just to try it out and have fun with audacity.

First one of the few I just made is the latest

Laser Guns and Steampunk Ray Guns

Laser Guns and Steampunk Ray Guns plus a Death Ray
These are laser gun simulators.
Before you rate this remember this is not a game but a simulator and for entertainment purposes only.
Have fun shooting laser guns at friends or foe with realistic looking ray guns with sound effects.
You have a choice of 5 ray guns.
2 sci-fi laser guns
2 steampunk laser guns
1 death ray

Each one comes with:
6 sound choices (choose while in ray gun choice)
turn sound off or on
primary and secondary weapons
You can turn each weapon on or off separately
safety switch that works (you cannot fire while safety switch is on
A trigger like a real gun (you drag the trigger like a real gun to fire)
A battery charger button (if the gun battery runs out just press the yellow nuke button to recharge it)
Gun will not fire if safety is on or if battery needs to be charged, to make it seem more real.
Three rays:
           Green: Stun Ray
           Blue: Maim Ray
           Red: Kill Ray

It also comes with a tutorial page to explain each button.

The permissions are for the sound effect settings and a small ad as this app is ad supported.

Any problems or ideas feel free to email the developer.

You can get it by clicking on the link below

Available on Google Play

Next is
Brain Xray

Brain X-ray
A fake brain scanner that scans the brain and shows you what is inside somebody's brain.
Before you rate this app please remember this is not real but a fake prank brain scanner.
Easy to use.
press start scanning and follow the instructions on the page.
10 different prank results.
1: Smart and funny
2: Nothing but cobwebs
3: Extremely smart
4: Brain shut off
5: Dummy brain
6: Very small brain
7: Alien brain
8: Fish brain
9: Bird brain
10: Pea brain

The permissions are for the sound effect settings and a small ad as this app is ad supported.

You can get it by clicking the link below

Available on Google Play

Electric Razors and Hair Trimmers 

Electric Razors Hair Trimmers
A great prank app for pretending your shaving or cutting hair or shaving your legs.
Before you rate this app remember this is just a prank, nothing more.
Prank your friends pretending to shave or cut your own hair, beard or legs.
Has razor sound effects and the buttons turn on and off when pressed down.
This has 4 different electric razors to choose from (including a pink one for women who want to prank shaving their legs) and two hair trimmers to choose from.
I also included the option to turn off the button sound if it gets annoying.
The preferences are for writing the settings to a file for the sound settings and for a small ad as this is ad supported.

You can get it by clicking on the link below

Available on Google Play