Friday, 7 March 2014

Dodge The Cog

Here is the new game I made, called Dodge the Cog
It has the same controls as flappy bird where you tap the screen to move upward.
The object is to avoid the gears, if you hit a gear or the top or bottom it is game over.
Keep going to see how many gears you can get past the screen.
A very simple game that can be fun to play.

You can get it by clicking the link below

Get it on Google Play 

Dodge the Bubble

I made another version of this game that is easier to play then the dodge the cog one and it's aimed at those who want to have fun and have not so much of a challenge, just fun jumping over or under bubbles that float by.
This one is good for all ages.
Instructions are easy, just tap the screen to make the ship rise, otherwise it falls.

Here is some images of the game

You can get it here:

Get it on Google Play