Monday, 5 January 2015

Cool Cat Toys

I decided to make a game for cats, cats love apps too :)
In this one I decided to add animations to the main menu, so the cat can swat at the dragonfly buzzing by and hit the play button, then on the levels page all the buttons animate so hopefully the cat will swat one (choosing the level he/she wants to play, then play the game itself).
It's super easy to navigate and play, I actually slowed things down so the cat can swat them and added bigger bounds for the hit areas making it easier for the cats.
They get points every time they hit an object, if they beat their last highscore you'll see cool cat appear below the score (found when you press the pause button)

Here is some screen shots

Yup I even added a wack-a-mole game for cats, thought they might like it.

You can grab it here:

Available on Google Play