Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Steampunk Motherboard Live Wallpaper

Well I decided to make some new live wallpapers since the old ones were outdated and only ran on java, I am taking the old ones down and have removed most of them already, I am making new ones that use opengl so it isn't so hard on the battery use as it uses the gpu.
I also switched over to use libgdx also now as it is my favourite framework to use for my upcoming projects and used the framework from the book by Mario ("Beginning Android Games") for most of my past work.
So here is the first live wallpaper, as usual I begin things with a steampunk version, this one will replace all the gears live wallpapers I made in the past.
Here is some screen shots:

Here is a video of it in action

Sorry about the video quality I am not the best cameraman.

As you can see I also took advantage of the particle editor for touch effects which can be turned off if you don't want any.
I also gave the option to choose from 3 viewports for each portrait and landscape modes, I found with my tablet what fit in landscape mode did not fit as well in portrait mode so I gave the user to choose what fits best for them in each mode.
The clocks really work also (in case you were wondering)
I have plans for more and I will post them as I make them and upload them to google play.
You can get the paid version by clicking the link below

Available on Google Play 

I also made a free version which only has the viewport options and the gas mask in the center for you to check out and see if it works good on your device and if you like it.
You can get the free version by clicking the link below

Available on Google Play