Sunday, 14 June 2015

Steampunk Faces Live Wallpaper

I just finished a series of 3 steampunk faces.
 All three have touch events that have three different choices (stars, gears and smoke) You also have the ability to show almost every part of the live wallpaper, so if you only want all of it except the face itself you can do that, and the rule applies to the other parts as well All three come with 3 viewports, for each portrait and landscape modes because what fits on one orientation does not always fit the same on the opposite one, which I found with my own tablet, thus you have the choices for each one to get the best fit.

here is the video


you can download it here

Available on Google Play 

If you have any issues or questions feel free to email me or leave a message here.
All three were created using libgdx framework, my personal favourite and probably all my future android apps will be created using it and I highly encourage anyone wanting to create android games or live wallpapers to try it out, it also does cross platform for html5 (which I'll be using probably for future games as well as android, it also makes jave applications and apple iphone/pad as well plus it has a ton of extras toys you can use as well to make your job easier (had to plug it since I like it so much).
Anyhow hopefully I can make a new steampunk city to replace the old outdated one I have up now, it's just about time to take it down and I am just coming up with ideas to make a new and better one that will work better for newer tablets and phones.
I am also working on a new game which should take me some time since it has a lot of artwork and coding to go into it and I am a one man team for now and have plans for a series of games in which I am going to resurrect an old cartoon character I made in the 80's and never really used it,
These I will keep under wraps until they are close to being released.
I should be able to do some more live wallpapers to replace all the old ones in between though........... hopefully.

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